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How Computer Viruses Spread

Viruses are designed by hackers every single day and can infect a computer in many ways. They can infect a computer that has no protection at all, or a one with a poor quality anti-virus installed. Computer users who fall for malicious ads that look genuine while browsing the internet also risk infecting their PCs with viruses. Opening strange email attachments, receiving files from strangers on social media and connecting infected drives, like the flash drive, are all common ways of getting viruses into computers.

What a Virus Can Do to Your PC

The effect of a virus on a computer can be quite detrimental. Viruses can install more viruses on the infected computer by automatically downloading malicious code online (slow PC is the first sign), block access to the internet, monitor your activity both online and offline, display annoying ads, request ransom to unlock a PC, delete important files, and when the worst comes – render a computer totally non-functional.

How to Protect Your PC

You must protect your computer in order to stop viruses from infecting it. Having a secure browser, secure PC and secure firewall, are the best ways to protect your computer from these malicious programs. You should also update your PC, stay vigilant, and not override the anti-viral software suggestions availed to you. Installing the best anti-virus on your computer will safeguard it from virus attacks.

To stay safe, IGS Computers recommends

  • Google Chrome – fast and secure web browser from Google
  • Microsoft Security Essentials – complimentary antivirus from Microsoft, comes pre-installed on Windows 8 as Windows Defender
  • Google Chrome Adblock Extension – automatically removes all advertisements and banners, including malicious ads, when browsing the internet
  • IBM Security (formally Trusteer Rapport) – protects against password-stealing websites and works with all major uk and worldwide banks.

Remember! Whichever anti-virus solution you choose to install on your PC, keeping it’s software up-to-date with the latest virus definitions is mandatory to ensure that it can protect your computer from new viruses released daily.

IGS Computers specialises in protecting computers from viruses, malware programs and browser infections. We setup your system to be safe and stay safe in the future. If you had a virus infection in the past or looking to secure your system for the future, contact us to discuss how we can help.

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