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There’s no doubt about it. Buying a house in the country and leaving behind the hustle and bustle of city life is something many of us have contemplated. We’re mesmerised by stories from friends and acquaintances, in newspapers and magazines, and on the internet painting impossibly seductive images of the rural idyll. Let’s face it. Relocating from Hull to one of East Yorkshire’s historic market towns like Beverley, Hedon or Driffield, or to one of its picture-postcard perfect villages, Walkington or Bishop Burton for example, is an undeniably attractive proposition.

  • Move into a bigger house. Check.
  • Get the kids into an excellent local primary school. Check.
  • Spend lazy Sundays going for long walks in the woods followed by even longer pub lunches. Check.

What could be better?

But probe a little deeper and chat to those who’ve made the leap and slowly but surely, the whispers and the murmurs of reluctant discontent start to be heard. And if you keep on probing, these whispers build to a crescendo and become impossible to ignore or dismiss. Interestingly, the same challenges and drawbacks to living in a rural community crop up again and again.

There are the ones you expect. The ones you can prepare for and steel yourself against. Firstly, there’s the distinct LACK of noise. (After years in the city, many of us find the absence of the hum of traffic or the wail of police car sirens strangely disconcerting). There’s the relative paucity of entertainment options. The single village pub that hasn’t changed its guest ale since you started frequenting the joint. The fact that everyONE knows everyTHING about everyone else, good AND bad!

But there are also some cons that you might not have considered. Like the internet connection in your new home. Which may not exist. At all. Your connection option may only be a slow ADSL service. Large physical distances from KC telephone exchanges mean major signal attenuation and drastically reduced connection speeds. Residents of Hull city centre and the Avenues area are used to download speeds of 20Mbps with ADSL broadband and up to 200Mbps with a Lightstream fibre broadband connection by KC. In the countryside, you are very likely to be in a “slow spot”, where the connection speed you receive is less than 2Mbps. If you are REALLY unlucky, you might have moved to a “not spot”, where you can’t get land-based broadband at all, or only at speeds less than 128Kbps. With online access increasingly considered a basic human right, sloth-like download speeds or the frank absence of a broadband signal may fill you with horror! But sadly for many residents of rural East Yorkshire, this is a grim reality.

For all the information you need about how you can upgrade your internet connection when moving to your new home in the countryside contact IGS Computers. We are Hull’s highest rated computer repair company covering the towns and villages of East Yorkshire. Not only we repair and upgrade your home computers, we also set up your internet access, email account and install online protection and parental controls.

So before you make that move, please check internet availability in your new home. Remember, it’s not just the pace of life that’s slower in the country.

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