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The evolution of WiFi – way of accessing internet without wires and cables – has taken a quantum leap in the past decade. WiFi performance and coverage has significantly improved since the first version of the 802.11 protocol was released in 1997. WiFi technology continued to advance and it is the most ubiquitous wireless technology in use today. In the early 2000s many cities announced plan to construct city wide WiFi networks and that story still continues, across geography even today.

Initially WiFi was adopted by businesses only. Over a period of time, its use gradually spread to domestic premises. Today, it is equally important in both worlds – business environment and personal lives. WiFi will remain an integral part of the wireless landscape with its ever growing integration of WiFi into wireless devices. The world today cannot imagine mobile devices, radios, book readers, music devices, laptops and tablets without WiFi. In short, it dominates the inside and the outside of our lives. We have video game consoles, digital cameras, digital audio players that use WiFi and can connect to internet via hotspots.

The ascent of WiFi as one of the most popular, loved and widely used technologies maintaining industry wide standards and multi-vendor collaboration to support its successful adoption over the years is not just a journey of innovation but also an example of how a technology can penetrate a number of segments, applications and world wide population.

Apart from its tradition role in business, its universal technology effectively supports communications at home, public spots, multimedia devices, giving internet access to laptops and smartphones. It allows a host of devices to connect without cables, not to ignore, its impact on wireless display and indoor positioning. High definition home entertainment can use WiFi to access internet based features. The dependence on WiFi is increasing rapidly and that can jeopardize business or our daily lives, if we do not identify challenges proactively and mitigate them.

The WiFi that consumers and enterprises have come to rely on every day is still getting better – it is part of our daily lives today in almost everything we do. The ease of use and the service quality makes it an integral part of our personal lives and business environment. The move from networks in the private domains to networking in the public domains has impacted its use all the more. Increased number of WiFi access points provides network redundancy. To enable WiFi, one merely needs to be in the range of its network.

The mobility and flexibility of WiFi has to be combined with reliability of professional companies that can determine the best set up for each environment. The need to detect interference from adjacent networks is critical factor for such installations. It is equally important to choose the right protocol and channel. These experts know how to boost WiFi by choosing the right channel and take appropriate measures to ensure the connection is secure. There are myths and truths around WiFi security and it is best handled by the experts. They will do necessary fine-tuning to get the best speed and coverage and all of these are in the scope of firms who have successfully dealt with these aspects of WiFi

There is a need for smart bandwidth management based on applications requirement and the components involved that will leverage WiFi. It could be a combination of multimedia, home operations, life management or Bring Your Own Device and to ensure you get the best of WiFi performance, it is important to consider services of companies that take this up professionally and deliver better output for your investment. With growing dependence on WiFi, comes the question of its future, as it is merged with ours. We need to focus what is required to be done today to ensure its stability remains intact.

IGS Computers, Hull, United Kingdom is one of the leaders in the industry, with relevant expertise in providing hassle-free services – WiFi inside and WiFi outside – end to end including installation and ongoing support for IT management. They have a proven track record, and currently working on a wide range of projects pertaining to installation of secure WiFi networks. Their projects include a broad range, from small domestic assignments for small and medium enterprise to WiFi coverage for businesses like restaurants and caravan parks.

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