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When buying a new PC this Christmas, or anytime soon, it makes sense to have the professional New PC Setup as well. You will not just get to save financially and move your data safely, but also save on your nerves.

Save Financially

  • You will save financially by getting a complimentary award-winning anti-virus protection that our team of experts will install on your computer – there are no yearly subscriptions costs or monthly plans with it.
  • Using the right Microsoft Office package to suit your requirements will ensure no overspending or if you require basic functionality, we even have a free alternative version altogether.
  • To keep you secure, we will setup computers with free state of the art Identity Security Protection that is recommended by banks to help protect you online.

Save your Data

After setting up your computer, our IT experts move your old data to the new system safely, ensuring full transfer of emails, documents, photos, music, and movies, among other essential personal data stored in your old PC.

Save on Your Nerves

As a new laptop or desktop owner, setting up a computer can be quite a nightmare, that can get on your nerves. With support from IGS engineers, you can save your nerves. We ensure that all the bloatware that comes with a new computer is removed, all the promotional material from ‘trusted partners‘ is taken off the PC, everything (hardware and software) is updated & patched, and all devices (printers, scanners, cameras, etc.) are connected to the computer and functional, ready for use.

Last but not least, at IGS we always take time to show you how to use the new system, especially if it runs the new Windows 8 OS that is so different from Windows 7, Vista or XP.

Therefore, when you have IGS Computers set up your new system, you get to save money, protect your data during the transfer and keep yourself from the stress and hassle that comes with this complex process.

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