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Today’s business environment has become increasingly competitive. Every business wants to stay ahead and remain relevant as well as guarantee their profits. Large and small businesses alike have fully embraced technological advancements and turned to the use of IT solutions and Business software to help them better stay organised and increase productivity. Business software that can perform functions such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), accounting, human resource management and inventory management have largely helped businesses remain productive, competitive and profitable. One such software common to large and small businesses is the Sage 50 Accounts.

Sage products

Sage is a well-recognised provider of business accounting software. Their enterprise accounting solutions are suitable for both large and small businesses, government and private sector organisations and the manufacturing industries. To suit a wide range of clients, their products are designed with specialised capabilities and can support a number of unique functions to meet the needs of different businesses.

The Sage 50 Accounts software is one of the most popular accounting software packages renowned for its impressive functions and utilities. However many Sage 50 Accounts users have experienced performance and data problems that may have arisen due to network, database and hardware problems. While performance problems can easily be solved and are not fatal problems to the business, data corruption problems are usually more sensitive and need to be handled by experts as soon as possible. Data problems when left unchecked can lead to serious damage to the database system and even go to the extent of corrupting the entire Sage database.

Data corruption on Sage products

Database corruption can prove to be seriously fatal and may potentially result in complete loss of a company’s data. Data corruption experienced in Sage products, especially in Sage 50 Accounts, arises due to IT problems.

Data corruption is said to have occurred when an error occurs in the Sage database system that stores vital data. This data may be financial data, tax records, account numbers and other data that are vital to the company. When data is corrupt, it can no longer be relied upon as new entries cannot be saved to the database reliably. This is because the sage database system will be compromised and thus unable to read the stored data correctly.

The simplest way to tell if data is corrupted is to Run the Check Data routine. To do this, open File > Maintenance > Check Data. Anyerrors reported here indicate a problem which must be fixed.

Causes of database corruption

Database corruption may arise from a number of reasons including:

  • Conflict between Sage software and third-party software
  • Power cuts and user mistakes
  • Use of unreliable LAN or Wi-Fi network
  • Use of poor or damaged cables
  • Slow or incorrectly setup servers and Desktops
  • Hardware problems
  • Software crashing

In the event of database corruption, do not panic and do not try to fix the problem by yourself. It is advisable to seek expert help immediately you notice tale tell signs.

Poor sage performace

Typical poor Sage performance: the low access rate indicates problems in this setup


Find help immediately

At IGS Computers, we understand that your data is crucial to your business. We are aware that losing vital company data could possibly mean the end of business as it is. We have the right expertise and equipment that can help you save your corrupt data and restore lost data as well as troubleshoot your faulty system. We can diagnose, test and correct any IT problem for your Sage system and IT network in general. We can also help your with your backup system and backup your data on-site or off-site, ensuring that your business future is secure. We will help you get back your data and advise on how to avoid losing data in the future, so you can be sure to be free from the worry that your Sage program problems or IT network problems will drag your business into losses.

Sage perfomance after IGS Computers

Good Sage 50 Accounts performance: after network problems are fixed, the benchmark test shows clear improvements in access rate.

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