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£75 Flat rate is a winner.

Really can’t recommend IGS highly enough. Took my IMac i5 to IGS recently after it died. I wasted hours on forums/google/apple support before I decided to give up and go see someone who knew what to do. IGS fitted that bill perfectly. I’ve been in IT for over a decade and have a keen sixth sense for the ol’ “oooh, it could be expensive – leave it with us to do some diagnostics”, hence decided to choose IGS for two reasons – a) he knew what he was talking about b) the flat rate. The flat rate isn’t even high, it’s surprisingly low and offers great value. Anyways, 3 hours later and my machine was fixed and ready to be picked up. It works perfectly. God only knows how much apple would’ve charged me but I’m confident that it wouldn’t have been cheaper than £75 and that would be just to look at it!

Chock Lo18 March 2011Hull

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