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My ‘aged’ computer crashed after some ‘nice’ person hacked into it not only totally freezing the pc but also trying to spend on my credit card. Fortunately card payments were stopped. I told a friend about the pc problems and he recommended Igor. I called him just before Christmas and left a message and he called me from when he was visiting his relatives and made an appointment. Very impressed! He arrived on time and quickly started to solve the problem with the PC which had several nasty virus’s although I did have a very well known Anti Virus software (this has now been removed! Igor sorted the problems and gave it a service which dramatically improved its speed. He also serviced my laptop which is also working much better. My ‘aged’ pc was ‘past its best’ so after discussing my exact pc requirements with him agreed on a new one. This arrived today, again on time, and he ensured all information etc was copied over the new pc. It is now much, much quicker. Great job at very competitive costs. Would highly recommend him.

Martin Benge14 Jan 2014Wawne

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