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Charities like any other organisation require technology for effective operation. This is however a challenge due to the high costs required in installing and maintaining modern IT equipment. Voluntary organisations rely on donors and well-wishers to fund their activities and these funds are primarily used to support the activities of the groups involved.

While the question of IT security is a contentious one in nonprofits, these organisations find it challenging to deploy modern technology which will require highly skilled professionals to operate at a high cost. They therefore resort to the simplest and most convenient methods which in most cases are simply not secure.

Loss of data is one of the major IT issues faced by charities. Since they are not able to invest in sophisticated data storage and recovery equipment, they may end up losing information when faced with power outages or when natural disasters strike. Some of this information, such as past activities databases and financial spending accounts, are required to attract new donations and to maintain existing ones. This means that losing such data jeopardises the future existence of the organisation. IGS Computers offers scalable backup services tailored to protect the voluntary sector, all at very competitive prices.

The other issue of equal importance is information security. Most voluntary organisations deal with confidential information from vulnerable communities. Information provided by these individuals is entrusted and must be protected and safeguarded. A good example of this is charities helping domestic violence victims. Should the information be be stored on unsecured desktops or laptop computers, a person obtaining physical access to these systems can obtain access to the stored information too. By using Microsoft’s BitLocker drive encryption, IGS Computers can protect your data even if the hardware falls into wrong hands.

These security threats are usually brought about by the fact charities, which are always not profit making organisations, are unable to purchase their own equipment and rely on donations. Donations whether from individuals or companies are mostly the obsolete stuff that is no longer in use. This means that the charities mostly use outdated technology, which is a security risk. Usually a straightforward software upgrade via subsidised licensing can uplift the donated equipment to make it a valuable IT asset. Contact IGS Computers to see how we can arrange it on your behalf.

The solution to all these problems is setting up a long-lasting relationship with a dedicated IT Service Provider like IGS Computers. By building this relationship from the start and having a direct point of contact for all IT needs, charities are able to focus on their activities yet ensuring data compliance, information protection and effective digital operations.

Read our case studies on how we continuously work with FiND Charity, SEED Charity and Matthews Hub charity and call us today to discuss how IGS Computers can help your voluntary organisation with information technology.

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